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PAO (ORs) AEC Pachmarhi is a sub office of the organization of CDA, JABALPUR under Defence Accounts Department, Ministry of Defence, Government of India. PAO (ORs) GRC manages pay and allowances of over 4958 JCOs/OR of AEC Pachmarhi spread over 2808 units across length and breadth of country.

Sections and their functions:

  •   (i) Maintenance of Cash Book

      (ii) Welfare Grant-in-aid

      (iii) Annual Performance Assessment Report

      (iv) Leave

      (v) Verification of Initials of Staff

      (vi) Miscellaneous

  •   (i) CC section will control and coordinate the items of work done in ledger groups of the PAO

      (ii) Maintain an upto date list of units and formations whose pay accounts are maintained by the PAO inter alia showing their address, higher
      formation and command

      (iii) Control all miscellaneous claims and demands excepting those items controlled and dealt with
      by imprest section

      (iv) Receive all treasury receipts (excepting those pertaining to imprest section) centrally, and ensure prompt adjustment

      (v)Receive all closed soldier’s personal pay book (IAB-64) and ensure completion of the requisites checks by ledger groups

      (vi) Deal with PLI, schedules received from the Director of PLI

      (vii) Receive all final settlement cases centrally from the centre/record office and ensure timely disposal by ledger groups

      (viii) Render quarterly reports on Major financial and accounting irregularities

      (ix) Collect, scrutinize and forward all punching media to the respective DDP Centre on due dates; review monthly compilations received from
      DDP and rendition of certificate thereof to the CDA

      (x) Prepare and submit the monthly compilation of the abstract of receipts and charges

      (xi) Allot Unit Codes in respect of all the Units / Formations whose Pay Accounts are maintained by the PAO and update information like name
      of Unit, Unit Code allotted thereto, Task Holder Number in Dolphin

      (xi) Maintain a register to monitor the recreation of Pay, IRLA and Fund Master which have been dropped in Dolphin due to finalisation of:

      (xii) Deserter cases, who have rejoined subsequently

      (xiii) FS Cases, whose discharge cancelled due to promotion/upgradation of medical category

      (xiv) Maintenance of AFPP fund a/c on deputation to embassy, Assam Rifles and Coast Guard

      (xv) Contingent and other miscellaneous vouchers

      (xvi) Controlling Transfer in-out of IRLA of other corps

  •   (i) Generation of Bank uploading file

      (ii) Uploading of NEFT file through CMP

      (iii) Generate bank reconciliation reports

  •   (i) Updating of dolphin circular

      (ii) Monthly Closing of Accounts

      (iii) Generation of pay slip and various type of reports & return

      (iv) Handling of technical complaints

      (v) Maintenance of hardware software

      (vi) Processing work involves Validation/updation of all the modules until purification . Capturing of DO2 Data from Army Sources such as,
      ARPAN & HRSUIT and conversion thereof. Consolidating data for final transfer to IRLA. Maintenance of control registers.Rendering of reports
      & returns including printing of IRLA/QSAs.

      (vii) Generation of IRLAs/QSAs and monthly Pay Bills in PDF format for uploading to Website of ASC(South) & ARMY Intranet

  •   (i) Passing of AFPP fund claims on account of final withdrawal and temporary advance and payment made through NEFT

  •   (i) Audit & adjustment of DOs II and handling of rejections

      (ii) Prompt action on complaints/appeals both from effective and non-effective JCOs/OR, and other correspondence on pay and allowances and
      A.F.P.P. Fund Accounts

      (iii) Final Settlement of accounts

      (iv) Opening of new IRLA

      (v) Adjustment of ACR

      (vi) Transfer of I.R.L.A.s within the PAO in case of transfer of JCOs/OR between the units of the same Corps/Regt and to other PAO in case of
      transfer of personnel to other Corps/Regt based on the notification of such transfer in DOs Part II Orders

      (vii) Dealing with advances for purchase of conveyances

      (viii) Adjustment of outdoor medical claim

  • MPS
  •   (i) Maintain NEFT mandate form

  •   (i) Dealing with post discharge complaints, adjustment of dues pertaining to NE personnel arising after final settlement of IRLAs such as CEA,
      RTF, ADHOC BONUS, DA and other allowances, authorizing further credit by issuing Tender memo to record office, action on FSMO AND
      UDFSMO, rendering debit balance report in respect of NE personnel, releasing terminal credit balance and AFPP fund balance of deserter case
      to the next of kin

  •   (i) Review of IRLAs, especially final settlement of those proceeding on discharge, and death and deserter cases. Maintained of orders and
      giving clarification regarding pay and allowance of PBOR to the units when ever required

  • R-Section
  •   (i) Control of Inward and outward DAK

      (ii) Reciept,Import and distribution of all DOsII from R.O/Units

      (iii) Consequent on implementation of DOLPHIN in PAOs, in order to have a control over the receipt of DOs-II in the PAO and to facilitate
      batch-making for import of DOs-II into the database, a system has been designed

  • T- Section
  •   (i) Adjustment of Luggage claim through contingent bill(w.e.f. 01.04.2013)

      (ii) Adjustment of Transfer grant ,Encashment of leave (01.04.2013 to 31.07.2014)