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  1. The PAO(ORs), AEC Pachmarhi, headed by Accounts Officer Incharge is working since 1964-65. Earlier this office was working under CDA(ORs) South Madras. The control later on was transfered to CDA(ORs), Central Nagpur and this office was transferred under CDA Jabalpur.
  2. The total posted strength of this office is given below:

    Accounts Office I/C

  3. At present this office is working in the Defence Barracks. However the matter for the transfer of land for office building is under process.
  4. Total 4352 IRLAs in respect of PBORs are maintained in the office. These PBORs are posted in various Army Units all over India. At present AEC personnel are posted in 1556 Army Units.
  5. As regards the accommodationof the staff posted at PAO(ORs), AEC Pachmarhi, Quarters for married accommodation have been constructed at Pachmarhi. There are 25 quarters as per details given below:

    Type of Quarter
    No of Quarters

About Pachmarhi

6. Pachmarhi is Madhya Pradesh's most verdant jewel, a place where nature has found exquisite expression in myriad and everywhere is heard the gentle mumur of flowing water.