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PAO Corps of Signal, Jabalpur


Based on the recommendation of various committees, 2 Divisional Signals Companies (31 & 32) under Northern Army, were raised on 15th Feburary 1911 at Fatehgarh, with Lieutenant Colonel S H Powell conferred Commandant Designate. Two more Signal Coy (33 & 34) under Southern Army at Ahmednagar and One Wireless Company (40) at Roorkee, were raised on 1st March 1911.

2. Composition of each Divisional Signal Company:
  • British Officer:5
  • Indian Officer:2
  • Soldier Rank(British):44
  • Soldier Rank(Indian):78

3. Previously it was called 'Royal Signals'. After independence it was named as 'Corps of Signals'.

4. Location(Records):
Near GRC Center Jabalpur
Near HQ 1 STC Jabalpur
Pachpedi Jabalpur

PAO(ORs) Corps of Signal,Jabalpur

Old location:Pachpedi (Near Signal records)
Present Loaction:Ridge Road
Foundation Stone Laid by:Hon'bl CGDA Shri R Venkatraman,IDAS
Buildong inaugurated on:April 1988
Distance from Airport:13kms (Approx.)
Distance from Railway Station:3.5 kms

Nearest Important Estt:
College of Material Management
Bharat Ratna Baba Bhim Rao Ambedkar Technical Training Center
Rani Durgawati University
Controller:Controller of Defence Accounts,Ridge Road,Jabalpur

Rank Authorised Posted
SR. Accounts Officers/Accounts Officer 14 9
Astt. Accounts Officers/Section Officer 49 49
Sr. Auditors/Auditors/Clerks 213 127
Gp. 'D' Employees 22 9

Setup of office and work dealt with:

1. Ledger Groups:

Maintenance of IRLA
Dealing with complaints and observations
Rendition of Reports and Returnes
Final Settlement ofAcounts in r/o discharge/death/desertion/Transfer-out etc.
Amendmants to LPC
Furnishing of Data to EDP to update the IRLAs

2. Non Ledger Groups:

Office Automation:
Computerisation related work
Imprest - I & II:
Debiting of ACRs received from Imprest Holders.
Compilation of Imprest Accounts.
Debiting of Fund vouchers received from Imprest I & II, other PAOs and Navy/ Air Force Units.
Debiting of ACRs vouchers received from other PAOs and Scheduling of ACRs received from Imprest I & II other PAOs.
DO-II Cell:
Audit and adjustment of DOs-II
CC Section:
Abstract of Receipt and Charges(CL-IV).
Consolidation of Reports and Returnes.
Dealing with originating of DIDS.
LF Bills.
Monitoring of FSA cases.
Accounting of TR/MRO.
Fund Section:
Maintenance of Fund accounts in r/o Deserter, Death and Deputation cases.
Audit and issue of Fund Payment Authorities.
DAK Section:
Diarisation of inward/outward DAK.
Payments of Luggage/LTC claims.
Data Entry and Publishing of Quarterly Statement of Accounts
Records Section:
Maintenance of NE IRLAs.
Maintenence of Paid ACRs.
Monitoring of DO letters, CDA/CGDA complaints,PDC cases,online complaints, Legal matters or PBORs.
Sainik Sammelan, Liaison Meetings witj SRO, Signal Records.
Working at a Glance:
Monthly average of FS Cases 530 (01/11/07 to 31/10/08)
Monthly average of LD Cases 16
Monthly average of Death Cases 7
Monthly average of Des Cases 14
Monthly average of PD Cases 26
Monthly average of FAMO 2600
Monthly average of MAMO Cases 80
Monthly average of Fund Bills 2622
Amendment to LPC 140
Total Imprest Accounts 320