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Section Wise Contact Details of the CDA Jabalpur Main Office.

Important Contact Numbers
SL NOSection NameSection DutyEmail ID
1.Admin , IA and others cda-jbl@nic.in
1.OA Cell cdaoajabalpur.dad@nic.in
1.Miscellaneous Section cdajbpmsec.dad@nic.in
2.Store Contract Section cdajbpsc.dad@nic.in
3.Engineering Section cdajbpesec.dad@nic.in
4.Civil Pay Sections (Pay-I,II,III,Pay-Tech,Single Window,NPS,Fund,Pension Cell,Pay-V(Med) & Transport Section) cdajbpcpay.dad@nic.in
5.Accounts Section cdaacctsjbl.dad@nic.in
6.ECHS Cell cdajbpechs.dad@gov.in
7.O&M Cell cdajbpom.dad@nic.in
8.AT(ORs) Section paomoncellcdajbp.dad@hub.nic.in